CENTRIS: Building Europe’s AI.Robotics Community & Ecosystem

The goal of Project CENTRIS is to build an AI.Robotics network and ecosystem, which will serve as a sustainable and impactful driving force behind Europe’s strategy for promoting translational research and innovation in the fields of AI and robotics.

Europe’s AI.Robotics community strives for maximum scientific excellence and translational impact along the entire value chain. Driven by strategic research missions, we aim to develop the robotic platforms and AI -algorithms of tomorrow that will help answer the grand challenges of our time.

Europe’s Milestones in AI.Robotics

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The proposal CENTRIS was successfully submitted via the EU portal on Nov. 13th. We are now waiting for the evaluation of the EU, which will be due in March 2020. If CENTRIS is rated positively and the network takes up its work, you will be able to join and participate. Should you have any further questions until then please use the “contact” form on this website.

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Intelligent robots for a better human future.

The grand challenges of our time, such as demographic changes, inhumane labor conditions, and preserving our planet’s ecosystem, cannot be surmounted by Europe’s member states individually.
Only united as an inclusive European community, allied through mission-oriented translational research and innovation, can we write the next chapter of our continent’s success story.

We aim to make Europe the home of trustworthy, intelligent robots, so that we may secure a better future for us humans and the planet on which we live together.



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The AI.Robotics initiative will create a network of reference platforms in the core scientific fields, initiate an educational program (Elements of Robotics) for training young researchers and the general public alike, and start an innovation program to strategically support Europe’s most promising start-ups and companies based on positions of strength.